Our clinic

Our clinic provides a full range of modern treatments needed to achieve the best possible result

Our philosophy

When treating our patients, our approach has always been to choose the least invasive method for achieving the best possible result. We respect both hard (teeth and jaws) and soft (gums) tissue and avoid treatments that are excessive – to the point of being redundant; they cause a great deal of suffering to patients, exhausting patients mentally and financially, often with doubtful results. Our goal is to cause the least possible inconvenience to achieve the best possible outcome.

This, of course, does not exclude more specialized treatment plans in those rare cases when they are necessary.

The principles governing our practice are:

  • Superior quality
  • Speed
  • Minimum cost for the desirable outcome
  • Minimum inconvenience
  • Painless treatment

Our clinic

Our clinic

Our Practice offers the full range of modern treatments required to achieve the most successful possible result.

It is equipped with the latest devices, which we continuously upgrade in our efforts to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

Four work stations, laser devices, digital radiography devices, intraoral cameras, teeth whitening equipment, apex locators, computers, System B and fractional vacuum sterilization are just some of the advancements available to our patients. All this within elegant and modern facilities, which promote a positive overall experience.



The absolute safety of our patients during treatment is ensured through the immaculate cleaning and sterilization of all instruments in ultrasonic baths and two “Class B” autoclaves.

Our scientific team

All our associates have attended dozens of seminars and conferences and always keep themselves up-to-date on the latest scientific developments in our field.


He graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1988 and has maintained a private practice since then. In 1996 he attended a 6-month postgraduate training course in Implantology run by the Hellenic Association for Osseointegration of the University of Athens. In 2000, he specialized in aesthetic dentistry, attending a series of seminars in Athens and Germany (Aachen).


She graduated in 2012 and has worked at the Dentistry Clinic of the Athens Naval Hospital and in several private practices. Since 2015, she has been a key member of our Practice.


She graduated in 2017 from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and she holds an MSc in prosthetics from (MClinDent) King’s College London.


TASOS RAMOS (Orthodontist)

He graduated in 1989 and specialized at the Orthodontics Clinic of Duchateaux in Brest, France.

Associate Physicians
(not at the Practice)

Maxillofaxial Surgeons

  • Ioannis Fakitsas – Tel. +30 210 6841900 – Athens
  • Fotis Tzermpos – Tel. +30 210 4282387 – Piraeus

Paediatric Dentists

  • Konstantina Vairaktari – Tel. +30 210 4836260 – Moschato
  • Niki Petelarou – Tel. +30 210 9512619 – Kallithea


  • Antonis Chaniotis – Tel. +30 210 9562380 – Kallithea
  • Konstantinos Lagios – Tel. +30 210 7213597 – Athens


  • Argyris Poulios – Tel. +30 210 9407880 – Kallithea
  • Georgios Goumenos – Tel. +30 210 7252783 – Athens


  • Dimitrios Malamos – Tel. +30 210 6435345 – Athens
  • Andreas Syngros Hospital – Athens


  • Panayiotis Deligiannis – Tel. +30 210 7226969 – Athens

For bedridden patients:

  • Asklipieio General Hospital, Voula – +30 213 2163321 (Ms Zervou or Ms Dimitriou)