Navigate with ease through our website to find the answers to your queries. We look forward to welcoming you for a free full examination.

After 30 years of working on the provision of dental healthcare and the aesthetic appearance of our patients’ oral cavity, we have moved to the next level by opening our new clinic close to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre. The clinic offers a complete range of services in contemporary oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry and more, in a relaxing environment equipped with the latest technological advancements in our various treatment rooms. Our team of experienced professionals, will look after your smile using the best modern science has to offer and providing our services in the safest, most comfortable way at very friendly prices.

Navigate with ease through our website to find the answers to your queries. We look forward to welcoming you for a free full examination and treatment plan in our premises.

Our Services

Our highly trained and specialized dental team offers the following services

Aesthetic Dentistry

This includes all treatments performed with the aim of achieving a truly spectacular smile, by going beyond the limits of conventional dentistry.

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These are almost perfect replacements of natural teeth, for cases of tooth loss.

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Prosthetic Dentistry

If teeth are missing, besides implants we can also opt for conventional prosthetic dentistry, using either fixed or removable prostheses.

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When nature does not bless you with a perfectly aligned smile, you have the means to perfect it, using one of two solutions

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The use of laser devices can produce very impressive results in different areas of dental treatment.

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Our Practice is equipped with 5 intraoral radiography systems.

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Conservative Biomimetic Dentistry

The restorations of worn teeth should mimic nature, both functionally and aesthetically.

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Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal)

Natural tooth preservation, even when the pulp has been infected, is a top priority and has a high success rate.

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Oral Surgery

At our Practice, we perform all procedures for cases of impacted or ectopic wisdom teeth

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Bruxism is a condition whereby patients clench their teeth when they are sleeping (or are awake).

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Periodontology (Gingivitis/Periodontitis)

The conditions of the soft and hard tissue surrounding the teeth and implants can often be treated successfully, if we act in time.

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Cosmetic Facial Treatments

A perfect smile requires more than beautiful teeth. The lips and generally all facial tissue plays their part. We use a variety of techniques to treat/repair these tissues.

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Our Clinic

Our clinic provides a full range of modern treatments needed to achieve the best possible result.

About us

Frequently asked questions

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  • Does whitening ruin the tooth enamel?
  • Do implants hurt?
  • Does the body accept implants?
  • Do white fillings last?
  • Why is fluoridation necessary for children?
  • Why do we need to take care of baby teeth since they are going to be replaced?
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Working hours

Our clinic is open:

Monday to Friday

8:30 — 14:30 and 18:00 – 21:00

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