Conservative Biomimetic Dentistry

The restorations of worn teeth should mimic nature, both functionally and aesthetically.

The idea of modern dentistry is to intervene as little and as invisibly as possible to treat dental problems. Therefore:

  1. Old black fillings (amalgams) have been replaced by composite resin fillings, which restore the lost dental tissue with perfect aesthetic results. However, white fillings require very careful and precise handling on the part of the dentist, for truly long-lasting restoration.
  2. In select cases, where time and cost are not an issue, we can create composite resin or porcelain fillings indirectly in the lab. These are then attached to the teeth.
  3. When time, cost or the life of the teeth are not a consideration, we can resort to fibre reinforced composite resin bridges. These, however, are considered a short to medium-term solution (long-term temporary).