Aesthetic Dentistry

This includes all treatments performed with the aim of achieving a truly spectacular smile, by going beyond the limits of conventional dentistry.


Teeth whitening is performed in two ways:
1. At the Practice, during a one-hour session, with the help of a bleaching product, laser-activated or not. This method provides instant results, but not as dramatic as whitening with trays (see below).
2. At home, usually at night, with the use of trays that hold the bleaching product in contact with the teeth for a period of 8-10 days (nights). Trays are custom-made to fit the patient’s teeth.


These are ultra-thin shells placed on the front teeth with the aim of correcting various cosmetic problems, such as: unattractive gaps, chipped or broken teeth, discolorations, misalignments and almost any type of cosmetic problem in general, offering a healthy, radiant smile that can be even whiter than before. Before placing the veneers, the front of the teeth must be trimmed with a bur. Depending on the veneer material, the procedure is completed in one (composite resin) or two (porcelain) visits.

ALL-CERAMIC CROWNS – emax – zirconia – katana

These are caps without a metal framework, like the conventional porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. They are made of solid ceramic material and give the best cosmetic results. When extra strength is required (long-span restorations etc.), the crown is enhanced with a zirconia framework.


Unattractive gums can be improved with a painless procedure. Small pieces of gum tissue are removed, with the use of laser or not, leading to an aesthetically pleasing and healthier smile.


In some cases, by removing a small amount of enamel through a painless procedure, it is possible to achieve a much more natural appearance in a matter of minutes, eliminating small misalignment problems.